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Sharon Bryce

So why “The Nomad Yogi”? people have been asking.

To some extent I have felt a wanderer most of my adult life having visited and lived in many places. I like to explore different cultures and wisdom traditions and am fascinated by the intersection of science and faith.

On another level, as a yoga teacher I go where the work takes me. I come alive when surrounded by green space and love to practice and teach yoga in beautiful, natural environments.

On a deeper level I was inspired by the words of John O’Donohue who believes that the secret heart of time is change and growth - that we are all by nature nomads, journeying into different experiences, each unfolding another dimension of who we are.

Yoga is a kind of journey too. A journey inwards exploring our own mind, body, and spirit. And a journey outwards illuminating our connection with other living beings and the natural world.


Level 1 Yoga Teacher (Registered with Yoga Alliance) 200 hrs

Postgraduate Diploma in Pre/Post Natal Yoga and Active Birth (150 hrs)

St Johns Basic First Aid Certificate / Basic Life Support / C.P.R.

Blue Card Holder

Former Registered Nurse

Former Registered Midwife


1) By Kevin Finn, Woody Point, Qld.

Sharon Bryce is "Nomad Yogi". 


Sharon is very personable, respectful and friendly, also knowledgeable in how the human body functions which, to my mind, must come from her training and experience as a qualified nurse.


Sharon's gentle approach and encouragement with those of any age and fitness level who are either new to Yoga or possibly returning to Yoga after an extended break for whatever reason is, I'm sure, greatly appreciated by all of her 'students'. 


I'm a relatively healthy 77 year old man with a 'bad' back, I walk, usually 40 minutes in the morning and 20/30 minutes in the afternoon, new to Yoga and not nearly as fit or flexible as I thought I was and Sharon's lessons have a great improvement in those areas for me.


Safe, Painless Yoga Exercise is, from my pleasant experience, predominant in her Yoga teaching Philosophy. 


After this dreadful Covid19 pandemic that is plaguing humanity Worldwide is safely under control in Queensland and Sharon gets the green light to resume her "Nomad Yogi" classes, I will be returning thereto.

All the very best Sharon, Kev.

2) By John Bryant, Clontarf, Qld

After reading an article about Mindfulness, I wondered whether I could use this technique to help manage my anxiety problem, so I followed up a suggestion that I make contact with Sharon. After a short chat on the phone, I began a series of weekly private lessons.

For the first couple of weeks, each session began with a discussion of some of the more significant events in my life to put my current situation into context. In subsequent weeks we began with just a brief chat about how things had been during the past week and how I was feeling on that day.

In the early weeks, the practical aspect of the lessons concentrated on breathing techniques followed by some basic yoga activities. Each week the activities varied and built on what had already been achieved and helped develop improvements in my balance and flexibility.

The weekly lessons concluded with about ten minutes of guided meditation. I found that the sequence of the sessions interrupted my tendency to think about things that had happened in the past or that might happen in the future and created a new focus that required me to concentrate on what I was being guided to do at that moment and by the end of the meditation, a feeling of calm and relaxation.

I was also given a helpful book to read at my leisure and shown how to access a series of guided meditations. The recommendation was that each of these be followed daily for a week before moving on to the next one. To help keep track of my progress, I kept a daily journal of what reading I had done, how I was feeling and how I had managed issues that might have contributed to an increase in my anxiety level.

When I had completed my private lessons, I joined the outdoor class that was held at Woody Point on Friday mornings.

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