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Altogether Now - Meditating with Senses, Body and Breath awareness

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

A Series of Meditation Skills to build greater Resilience.

A short blog post this week:

I have been exploring different meditation skills that can help us manage our emotional life so that we are better able to surf the ebbs and flows of life’s wave-like flow. We have tried a Senses Awareness Meditation; a Body Scan meditation; and a Breath Awareness Meditation. So if you have happened upon this blog series for the first time you might like to head back and start here There are different methods of meditation and mindfulness that help us settle down. In today’s meditation we put the skills of senses, body and breath awareness together. 

Next week we move on to explore the subtle art of doing “noting.” Noting is a meditation skill that helps us better regulate our emotions. People who are quite resilient are able to effectively manage their difficult emotions. But we’ll use the senses and our body and breath awareness to help centre ourselves first. Having practiced these skills already I will cue this part of the following meditations less and allow you to develop your own ability/style of coming into and out of a meditative state.

If you have given these meditations a go and would like to share your experiences of them with me I would love to hear them. Please feel free to comment in the “comments” section below.

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