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So, why "The Nomad Yogi"?

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

So why “The Nomad Yogi”? people have been asking.

To some extent I have felt a wanderer most of my adult life having visited and lived in many places. I like to explore different cultures and wisdom traditions and am fascinated by the intersection of science and faith.

On another level, as a yoga teacher I go where the work takes me. I come alive when surrounded by green space and love to practice and teach yoga in beautiful, natural environments.

On a deeper level I was inspired by the words of John O’Donohue who believes that the secret heart of time is change and growth - that we are all by nature nomads, journeying into different experiences, each unfolding another dimension of who we are.

Yoga is a kind of journey too. A journey inwards exploring our own mind, body, and spirit. And a journey outwards illuminating our connection with other living beings and the natural world.

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