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Life Hack #Achieving Dreams in 2020

Does your job or life require you to innovate or problem solve? Do you like to break new ground? Well you might be surprised to learn that you are creative! Yes, this is how scientists define creativity. What’s more, apparently it’s not just for artists. In fact, neuroscientists studying creativity would argue we all need to be creative if we want to live a productive, fulfilling life and achieve our goals.

Creativity is really important. It is creativity, scientists say, that has enabled mankind to survive and thrive. Creativity helps us adapt to change; produce amazing art and music; manage social lives, build civilizations; and write blog posts like this. And the belief that it is only the  “right-brained” arty, paintbrush wielding types that are creative is a myth. Creativity involves the whole brain and scientists believe we are all capable of it. Whew! Good to know.

So what groundbreaking, useful plans are you making for 2020?

Here are some simple actions and mindset shifts neuroscientist Dr Sarah McKay says will increase our creativity and make life more fun; help us grow a healthier brain and assist us in reaching for our goals:

1. Become an expert at what you do. No surprise there but worth noting.

2. Go Green. Tuning into nature is a powerful antidote to digital life. It enhances our higher-order thinking, improves our ability to focus and allows time  and space for the mind to wander. Go for a bush walk, watch the sunset, paddle in the sea. Or watch the birds in your local park. Get your nature fix.

3. Exercise. Exercise get the blood pumping and lifts mood. Both improve our ability to creatively problem solve.

4. Mind wandering. Dare to daydream and nap. It gives us the opportunity to make associations between previously unrelated concepts. Intentionally dreaming about a particular problem increases the chance we will come up with a solution.

5. Diversion. If you feel stuck with some new idea, try thinking about something else entirely. Focusing on another problem or task is a well-known method for overcoming a creative block. Schedule regular times to do something completely different.

6. Set limits. Deadlines. It forces us to come up with creative solutions.

7. Embrace extreme moods. Positive moods enhance creative problem solving but surprisingly, anger does too.

I like this last one. I think the “negative” emotions get a bad rap. They exist after all to keep us safe. I have found when I consider these emotions my teachers, and recognize the wisdom they are trying to share they tend to lose their sting.

Hey folks, do you want to achieve great things in 2020? Why not try yoga and meditation. We practice at least 5 of these creativity tips with every class. Join me at 6:30am Tuesday morning at Scarborough beach or 6:30 am Friday mornings at Woody Point Park (South) right beside the TS Moreton Bay Navy Cadets Club.

I also cater for pregnant and postnatal women.

Private, group and corporate classes available.

Next week I share my struggles with my own inner critic. We all have one. That judgmental, internal voice that criticizes us - leading to feelings of shame, deficiency, low self-esteem and depression. It’s beastly habit of sabotaging our efforts to be our best selves and achieve our dreams and how we can tame it.

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