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Welcome to the Nomad Yogi!

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Hi Folks. I am the Nomad Yogi - my name is Sharon.

Do you feel like life is just too fast?

I have found fitness doesn’t have to be yet another high-intensity, performance task in our lives to be effective. Yoga is a 5 - 10 000 year old practice. To have survived this long it has got to be doing something right. Come have a go and see for yourself. First week is free.

These classes will be on the waterfront. Days and times to be arranged. I am open to suggestions. Vinyasa Flow is a yoga practice that involves slow, graceful movement to the rhythm of your own breath. My classes are suitable for beginners to intermediate level.

Would you like to get stronger, more flexible and improve your balance? Create some space in your life to connect with yourself, nature, and others? Slow down, relax and unwind? These classes are for you.

For more info, locations and times ring me on 0478081883.

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Sharon Bryce
Sharon Bryce
05 de fev. de 2019

Thx Jack, I really enjoy teaching you.. Thx for taking the time to post a comment. I’m chuffed.


05 de fev. de 2019

I currently go to sharons Friday morn class and really love the way it stretches me out along with the strength component. Highly recommend her sessions

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