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Meditation 9 "Empathy"

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Only one more to go. I have been writing and recording a series of 10 meditations on dealing with anxiety. We have been learning that anxiety is bigger than ourselves. It is a shared human experience. When we recognize it as a passing phenomenon, not who we are, our experience of it changes - it becomes less frequent and intense. This can free us up to become more aware of those around us and we start to see our own experiences mirrored in them. Our empathy grows and again our anxiety lessens. Anxiety becomes a point of connection: “Hey are you feeling a bit down?” “Are you feeling uptight?” “I get that. I’ve been there.” And gradually we feel less isolated. Anxiety becomes something that just happens to us from time to time as we all do this thing called life together. We are not alone. It is not permanent and it is not an obstacle. Like all of our emotions it is a sign of our membership in the human race, and exists to teach us stuff.

If you have followed all of these meditations and your sense of anxiety is unchanged and a constant companion please find some professional help. If we are anxious or depressed for long enough it can rewire our brain and you may need more help than these meditations possess to deal with the chemical imbalance. Find a therapist you feel comfortable with. Studies show that finding a therapist you can establish a good working relationship with is more important than the particular style or school of therapy you choose. This may take time.

If you are new to these meditations you will need to head back to Meditation 1 and work your way through. I am offering prompts now rather than continuous guidance as we have been practicing certain skills. There will be a lot of silence and you will probably not know what to do.

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